If you are a shoelover like me then you have probably thought about the fact how easily we tend to forget about all the money we spend on shoes to match our outfits and adjusting to weather conditions. When the shoes are new we wear them for a season or two and put them back in their box and store them in a basement or closet. And after quite some time, we forget about them…

 Dont worry this article wont be  about me trying to discourage you from buying more, but to think about how you can make use of your spring/summer shoes during fall. Its funny that we always have to rely on weather when we are picking the right shoes for our outfit. If you are like me, living in the big city with plenty of transportation underground, wearing spring/summer shoes shouldnt be a problem!

I know, rainy days call for boots  and some of us dont want our shoes to get wet. And of course if its pouring outside then maybe it wouldnt be all that fun to keep striving for a chic look when you actually feel like a wet dog!

But during those grey days without rain matching pumps to your outfit will add way more class to an outfit than any other flats can.

I thought I woud try to make the best out of my look with adding one of my favourite heels to match my vintage wollen coat. And what a great way of wearing leather culottes. I must admit, I was a little worried about how to pull them off during colder days but combining them with a long warm coat and heels gives you an ultimate push into a stylish look while still staying warm. For winterdays Im planning on adding slim boots to combine with culottes because I dont see myself quitting on these anytime soon!  🙂

Im not keen on wearing too much make up, like ever! But I am a sucker for red lips since they have a way of adding more color to the darker outfits.  And lately Ive found a lipstick that I have been obsessing about, Infallible Matte Max Lipstick from Loréal 006 Disturbia. It has such a great feeling, you can barely feel it on the lips. I realised at the end of the day that I had forgotten about it while still having it on!


Faux leather culottes River Island / Knit H&M / Heels ZARA / Coat Vintage (similar) / Lipstick Loréal Infallible Matte Max, Disturbia 006


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