Sometimes life has a tendency of playing with us. Leaving us in total frustration, confusion and dispair. The impact is usually prolonged and extremely painful. And it can get to a point where we no longer recognize ourselves.

Many times we tell ourselves that the choices we make in life are the ones that will lead us to an imaginary life goal. If only we work as hard as we possibly can, we will reach the results that we are hoping to see. And we strongly follow this logic, following the path that we tell ourselves will lead to the light we wish to see at the end of the tunnel.

But the more time passes , the weaker the light becomes. And all of a sudden the goal seems so far away. 

What instead becomes visible is the struggle. The hard work that isn’t providing us the result we want to see. We feel like we’re held back and trapped in a corner. And surely the future doesn’t seem all that bright anymore. All that hard work just seems like a waste of energy and time. But still we push on thinking we will see that light soon again.

Reality, however, has a different agenda.

An agenda that might not push our struggles towards what we expected, it might just do the opposite, leaving us in a hopeless state of mind. When this occurs, it doesn’t matter anymore what the goal is when the result now is something else. And working hard is not all that pretty and inspiring anymore. Reality is brutal, its just there and doesn’t care about our emotions. And what we do with it is to blame ourselves for what we cannot control instead of focusing on the opposite. 

Changing the course of our journey is always necessary in order to save ourselves from drowning.

We are pushed to go forward and adjust, after all that’s the law of the nature. We should encourage ourselves and others to work towards just that. Even if it isn’t all that pretty. Allowing ourselves to get stuck in no man’s land and waiting for a change will only bring us harm and feelings of weakness.

Sometimes the things we can’t change end up changing us…

Hopefully towards a direction that will provide us with tools to find strength to carry on towards something new and hopefully better from what we had yesterday. To find what we have lost and rebuild it. To find ourselves…



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  • Tinasarafina

    Wow what a powerful piece! I can relate to your words and sometimes I feel I am treading on air, I keep on producing good quality content and feel frustrated when my work does not manifest in results. But then I try to be kind to myself and remind myself of why I started doing what I do. It’s because I love it, it fulfills my need to create beauty and inspiration and I don’t want to ruin it by being reliant on other peoples likes, comments and approval. Everyones success is not defined the same way or do not come at the same time. I just have to remind myself that I make good quality content and if I am not getting the recognition I think I deserve I start reflecting on what is missing inside of me that makes me look for approval outwards. All I can do is keep investing in myself to be better and the results will come to me, maybe not in a big following but in more unexpected and spiritually fullfilling forms. <3