We re constantly doing things to improve ourselves, almost like a routine, to the point where we aren’t even realising it. Making adjustments to reach the goals we have set for ourselves in order to reach a good self-esteem.

Doing so is most definetely a part of being human but somehow it has gotten to a point were its only superficial and fake. At least seen in the social media among us females. A topic that comes to my mind is the extreme focuse on our appearence. We strive to be and seen as beautiful as we possibly can.  

 Making self – enhancements should be really about self improvements in our mental health in order to reach the full potential of becoming somebody extraordinary. Someone that is genuinely happy and satisfied, someone that would leave this world knowing they did something meaningful with their life.

In order to do so it is crucial to look within yourself and the role you play in the world. Secondly, look outside yourself and try to make a concious sense out of the world you live in today.

This is something that can be very hard to do. It takes too much energy out of us. It can even leave you with a feeling of hopelessness and negativity. Our world somehow has turned into a ridiculous meme of superficial fake big lips and twerking so called feminists in instagram videos.

A conversation I lately had with a person very close to me made me realize that most (if not all) famous females around the World that posess some sort of influence are all doing the same thing. Im probably gonna get killed for the next sentences I will write but here it goes…

The Beyonces, the Kardashians and the Taylors are the biggest names in todays world that empower an enourmous amount of followers that look up to them and are trying to imitate them. These women are probably the biggest brands in our world, yet the worst influencers possible.


These womens influence is so powerful that they will sell you practically anything. And you wont even question it! The product that they are selling is an image, an apperance of how a life should be for the beautiful and the wealthy.

An image that too many individuals look up to.

We want to be them.

We want to look and be fabulous, just like them.

Because that will give us what?





…SO we try to be like them. And later claiming that we are one of kind. What we’re basically doing is following trends, by buying their product. In order to become happy? Is this it? Is this the life we’re trying to get? Changing Everything that’s REAL about ourselves. In order to become an image of somebody else? I wonder how much does that cost us? How much money, energy and time do we actually spend on becoming something we are not? Most of us right about now would claim that “noo not me, i dont do that, im 100% myself.”  But are you really? When you are going to the gym, doing your 500 squats, are you really yourself? Or when you are running to the store to buy the newest Jenner lipkit in order to have the biggest lips on the planet?!

There s nothing one of a kind or personal in that. Its just following the mass in order to fit in because of the image that was placed in our head that we will be happy as long as we are beautiful. This is how our socities have brainwashed us.

 Beyonce, is a loaded topic, saying that she is anything else than a feminist might just get you killed by an enourmos amount of group. She is a pop icon, yes an icon that many look up to. Her Bey-Hive propaganda is seen as outstanding, powerful, provocative,  a work of art and by herself branded as feminism.  She somehow is seen as ahead of her own time. Before critising her you are forced to appologize ahead for your views cause whatever you’re about to say next will make you into a “HATER.”



Somehow, this leaves a strange feeling in me and im quick to think that ” isnt this how dictatorship works?” Propaganda is surely a powerful tool. And thinking that this is feminism? Real feminists must be turning in the graves right now! Dont get me wrong, men do this to!

Instead of pursuing personal development we rather pursue perfectionism  through constant changes to our appearance and personality to fit into this image of false success and happiness.

If you’re going through life constantly wishing you were somebody else you will surely end up dissapointed. Wishing you were rich, having a smaller waist with bigger lips, booty etc. You will never be like you idol, you can only be YOU.

What most people dont understand this process becomes poisonous and criplling. Trying to impersonate others, or adjust yourself to fit into something that isnt you takes an enormous amount of energy. It stands in the way of you becoming the person you really want and could be. That person is yourself.

The sooner you realise that, the happier you will get. Because that just might be the moment when you start creating something that is your own. Something unique and worth fighting for.

Giving yourself a real chance, trying to be YOU wont always be pretty, sometimes it will hurt bad and make you question everything. But at least it will be real.

Dont you want to live in the real world? Instead of this corporate fantasy that is forced upon us through media?

How high is the cost of your own self – enhancements?

Think about it…



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  • Loved this article! It really speaks to me because lately I have tried to stop doing/posting what is “popular” in order to gain as many follower as possible and do things I genuinly enjoy even though it means “losing” followers and popularity points. As you said, trying to conform into what society deems as popular or desirable gets tiring after a while so I am so glad that I’m in a period of slowly finding out what I like. It takes time but it will be so worth it 😀