Many of us that enjoy the basic pieces tend to all too often run into the problem of how to match them right without getting an all too flat or ordinary look. Sometimes we want to lift our outfit with something that doesn’t go far beyond the scope of our personal style. We still want to be comfortable in the pieces we are wearing. But plenty of times we end up doing the opposite, we purchase way too many trendy items that we barely see ourselves wearing but for some reason we had to buy it after seeing it on somebody else.

Since we are constantly influenced by today’s rapidly changing trends it’s only natural that we would want to have pieces that we think look well on others. But that doesn’t always mean that it will always work for you and your personal style, it might feel like you have to go outside of your own comfort zone in order to fit into with “what’s in” in the fashon world. And in this process a conflict starts within ourselves, where we feel we need to give up way too many parts of our personal style in order to make room for the new and hot.

What I have learned is that there is no need to buy everything that is hot and trendy. It may be enough for one or two trendy pieces that I can see going well with my style.  

Two new and trendy garments for me are these straight high jeans and tweed coat that I bought for a very good price at H&M. Since tweed is one of my favourite fabrics, adding this long and oversized coat to lift up my basics was a good chooice for me. 

A big plus is that it kept me warm during the last few freezing days.  Many times I consciously try to find something that I first will enjoy wearing, secondly that will match my wardrobe and lastly that it doesnt have a too high price. Style is seldom about the price tag. It may look good but the comfort comes first. If you hunt for a style that feels foreign to you, it will only make you feel like a stranger. It’s all about styling an outfit that goes together with your personality. Stay in your own comfort zone and happy shopping!

What are your tricks on how to keep your personal style in a sea full of trendy items?

WEARING// Tweed Coat H&M / Mens basic T – shirt COS / Jeans H&M / Loafers ZARA / Bag WERA Sockholm/ Scarf Gina Tricot/ Sunnies WERA Stockholm



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Photo: Louise Xin

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  • Such a great post! It’s all about being true to your own style.