A week ago I was walking on the street in a city and in a country that I gladly can call my own. Im talking about Drotttningsgatan in Stockholm, Sweden.

As I was walking down the street I so often do with one of my closest friends I suddenly had a strange feeling in my stomach. Not knowing why I tried to explore this by observing my mind in the crowded space. The sun was shining and we were walking to the streets that we always go to photoshoot the outfit of the day. And for some strange reason my stomach still kept hurting.

All I could make out of it was a thought of what if it happens here, right here on this street? What if we get attacked here one day? As my anxiety was slowly getting higher I tried to brush it off like nothing and quickly came back to reality.

How I today wish for this thought to have stayed just that. Sadly this a week later became a reality. How?? Why?!

War and tragedy are sadly two things that have followed me from an early age that I had hoped to have stayed in the past. Never had I thought It would continue to follow me. And sadly to say, I am not the only one on this path.

Hateful crimes and horrendous deeds that take so many innocent lives is a reality we all get to witness in this world on a daily basis. May it be over pictures, videos or in real life. This is the reality of our world.

It is easy to become frustrated, hurt and filled with fear in times like these. But I ask of you to not choose the hate, because “darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can. Hate cannot drive hate, only love can.” – Dr. Martin Luther King

Whatever we all are feeling right now is part of our nature, being shocked, scared and angry are all parts of a human reaction in crisis. Allow yourself to feel in order to heal from this. The feelings are there for a reason. But they will pass with time.

Seek comfort and help those in need. We too, like so many others will come out of this hurt yet stronger.

Let us not get stuck in our strong emotions though, let us not become driven and defined by our fears. Instead we need to come together and learn from this in order to grow.

One day this will all be in the past like for so many others so when the time comes we will need to ask ourselves what we have learned from it.

What I have learned on my path through this is that we are not so different from one another. We all share the same laughs and fears. We all bleed the same no matter culture, color nor language. Hating the ones that hurt us can only cause ourselves more harm. Using our energy into something good will give us strenght to carry on for ourselves and our peers.

The ones that do these acts are lost and lonely souls filled with hate. Souls that have lost their ways. Let’s not allow ourselves to turn into them.

The day will come when we yet again walk on our beautiful street. And yet our street will never be the same again…

The beautiful souls that were taken from our world on friday will live forever…

Rest in peace…

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