So finally my beautiful watch from Nicole Vienna arrived!

Considering my tomboyish ways and extreme love for the minimal and elegant watches, Nicole Vienna feels like the perfect watch to combine with my favourite pieces. If you havent noticed by now, I dont wear much jewellery but watches I rarely miss an opportunity to wear!  Watches just have a way of lifting pieces up without looking too tacky. That is why my new Nicole Vienna Soir N°47 Mesh wont be leaving my hand anytime soon! Its minimal and I just cant get over the black marble plate! The thing I mostly love about Swedish designs is that its not filled with too much details and colors. Its like a lot of the fashion styles and interior design in Scandinavia. In other words its Scandi Chic. For the ones that dont know, Scandianvian designs have a root in its minimal culture which is simply explained by the Swedish word “lagom” meaning good enough. Based on a mind set that we dont need to overdue things in our lifes, sometimes we re good just the way we are. And I wouldnt have it any other way…

Let me know what you guys think! If you are interested in getting your own watch use the code “NINNI” to get 15% off on your purchase at (code valid until 31/12)

Watch Nicole Vienna Soir N°47 Mesh



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