I wanna shed a light on a topic that’s been all over the media in Sweden during this month.

A boy with a different ethnic background than Swedish was the victim of racism. The boy wearing a Saint Lucy crown in an ad for a major Swedish company  was sadly enough reason to provoke a group of people into starting a racist hatestorm over social media. The main argument for this was that a boy of color couldn’t by any means be a true representation of old Swedish Christmas traditions according to these groups.

This type of hatestorm shouldn’t be all that surprising in todays world. Xenophobia has always been a part of the human psychology enforced through other people’s illogical fears of the unknown. Fears that are later made into our own personal beliefs.

Instead of moving forward and welcoming the idea of the inevitable, a globalised world, we insist on holding on to old beliefs which are only holding us back from developing.

When we sat down to write this post we understood that we don’t know everything  but we do know that hate breads hate, and the only cure is the villingness to acknowledge our own prejudices and behave differently from what we are used to. At the end of the day we are all victims of socially forced biases but we all have the power to decide for ourselves if we will blindly continue following the views that were forced upon on us.

So for this years Christmas celebrations  I styled this look which could be described as a modern spin on saint Lucy in order to get the ”Scandi-chic” look. With roots in other countries and cultures, being raised and born in the Swedish society we give you the real and honest representation of Saint Lucy in Sweden 2016. And we sincerely hope that all children are given the right to grow up with the traditions of the country they live in without being publicly exposed to racism by those who lack personal reflection and empathy.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Both wearing //  Isabella Idberg Design

Shot by Johanna Stroud 

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