A couple of weeks ago my girlfriends and I  decided to make a longer weekend trip to London for a shopping spree! And since I am a true fan of shopping this was definitely a trip that I had to go on. Something I have noticed everytime Im in London is the people on the streets. In that big crowd you will surely see that almost every person stands out! What makes these indivduals stand out so much? And what differs London folks from other western cities? I would say it is their variety of different types of styling and dressing, something you would rarely  see in Sweden.  This got me thinking about on how do you go on finding your personal style? The question doesnt  have an easy answer and it varies from person to person. A personal style is usually about how it will make you feel and how you want be percieved. The most important part for me is to find something that I know will fit my personality.  Something Ive noticed throughout my life is the influence of rock n roll in my style. Since a big part of my childhood contained at lot of 80 s and 90s rock n roll music this became a part of my personality which has also influenced my  love for leather jackets, hats and skirts. My wardrobe contains very minimalistic and natural fabrics and I might be in love with the color BLACK. Deep down my biggest wish is to be and dress like Mick Jagger haha 🙂

I would usually wear simple minimalistic pieces combined with that one piece that will stand out from the rest. When doing so I feel like Im dressed for any type of occasion! What would you say inspires and influences your chooice of style?

Wearing // Leather skirt by Aboutthatlook‘s own design, Hat by Primark (similar here),

Cardigan by Primark (Similar here), Top Here, Shoes by Tamaris (Here)










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