International Women’s day

Today is the day when we are celebrating women’s political and economic success throughout time. It is a day of respect and appreciation for socialist women like Clara Zetkin and Rosa Luxemburg that fought for our equal rights during very difficult times in the world. These women dedicated their lives just so they could give a voice to the ones that didnt have one. Fighting for causes like freedom of assembly, speech, press and oppionions. Fighting for causes that most of todays western World was built on. Fighting not just for us women but for all of us. Fighting for our rights to be heard, to have a place in our socities, to be recognized and above all to be equal to one another.
I cant help having the feeling that these struggles have lost their meening in todays world. Every year on this significant date i find myself thinking that 8th of march beeing is celebrated like any other mothers or valentines day where women are to be appreciated just for being women. And that its socially expected to show appreciation through flowers and candy. Dont get me wrong, I am very for the fact of being appreciated by others. But is this the way to go about it? Can we honestly say that we are respected and treated as equals? I cant help of thinking that this day has come to be about forcing men to bow down to the women just to shut them up. For a day. And we can not only blame men for this. We are all in this together. We are all a part of this. Why is it that we are taught just see the surfice of things? Why is is so that 8 th of March is still beeing called a women’s day? Why is nobody socially allowed to question it without being called an anti feminist or a hater? Why do we even have one day of the year where we should be celebrating our equal rights? Shouldnt we be doing that all year long, respecting and appreciating men and women for their hard work and success? Somehow I feel like we are doing the absolute opposite of what these freedom movements were about. This gets me thinking about the social psychology of Group think. Something that is highly dangerous, disfunctional and continuesly happening!Some people would agree with what Im saying but they wouldnt dare to say it out loud cause of the fear of being cast out or looked down on by the their social group. So they keep quiet, supress their own core and believs  in order to stay loyal to their homogenous group.

I incourage you to step out of your box.

Step out of your group and allow your self to think and to speak up.

Im not saying start a riot. But start a conversation. Discuss our history and future.

Treat each others as equals every day of the year, with Words. And hopefully  we can come to make a change for our Children of the future.

/ N


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