One of my all time favourite wardrobe pieces are belts.  In different shapes and sizes I say add more belts to your wardrobe!

One particular favourite has been the high waist belt. What often gets my attention about is how beautifully a belt shoews a feminine figure when styling it with straight, neutral, oversized and “manly like” pieces like coats, blazers and wider pants.

I remember in the late 80s and early 90s Madonna being probably the only one to pull this look off. And this is something I intentionally go for in my personal and professional style. Mainly cause for as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to make a statement that my style is not be defined by just only one thing. It’s neither masculine or feminine. It’s simply a touch of both in my own personal way. It is a way for me to feel as comfortable as I possible can get without feeling like I’m trying to imitate someone else. Because really, why should we strive to look like others?

So how do you go about styling a look with corset belts?

Styling a corset belt doesn’t have to be all that difficult. Just add your most neutral pieces like jeans, a plain t-shirt and flats for a regular monday-friday look. For the weekend maybe add flared pants and blazer with heels to give it a more classy touch.

There is really no need to overdue it with too much details. The belt itself is a piece that gives any look a statement feeling. And the beauty is that anyone can wear it no matter shape or size. Don’t we all just love that?!

In this look I simply styled a Zara belt with pieces I’ve had forever from H&M with a trenchcoat. Since I love a good leather effect I tried combining it with black shiny jeans and loafers in order to keep the look very minimal.

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