Every new season there is a new trendy piece on the market that we’re dying to get our hands on. Of course after running to, I don’t know, 5 shops we finally manage to get our hands on the piece. Just the fact that a trendy item always gets sold out within a few days  incourages us to strongly keep looking for it until we are the ones who finally get to have it. And by that moment our headache begins…

Ask yourselves, how many times have you had problems with trying to pair the new “it” piece with the rest of your wardrobe? My guess is a lot. I know, cause I used to do the same for years!

The reason for this is that we get too greedy about a trendy piece that we completely forget about the rest of our classic and effortless pieces. Instead we tend to buy a new dress or shirt in order to style the new “it” item. Ladies! It doesnt have to be this way! There is hope!

That’s why I suggest you do this the next time you see a trendy piece:


Step 1. Become aware of the fact that most brands use marketing techniques into selling a specific “feeling” to potential and existing costumers with a new trendy item. This of course is all a part of our overconsuming society. Trust me, very few real gals living in the real world look like the retocuhed models we see in the ads. I know I aint no Gigi Hadid and guess what? I neither want to be. And so shouldn’t you!

Step 2. Before buying the new trendy piece, sit down and make a list of 4 different outfits that you already own and see how you can style it with the new “it” piece. Is it your style? Will it be comfortable and right? Then go for it!

Step 3. Ask yourself, why are you getting it? Is it just cause it’s trendy for the next 3 months or do you imagine yourself wearing it longer than that. My rule is at least 2 years! If not, then I dont even bother getting it.

In this look I paired the new trendy corset belt with a Classic Ralph Lauren mens shirt from my closet with faux leather skirt and pointed white shoes cause we know im a sucker for that leather!

Make trendy pieces into your own style and have fun with it!


Shirt Ralph Lauren

Corset Belt Zara

Faux Leather Skirt & Other Stories

Shoes Vintage



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