How many of you out there have a problem with finding the right pair of jeans to fit your figure? In my personal experince as a much normal curvy gal this is something that has been a nightmare over the years. Thankfully I’ve always embraced my curves instead of trying to starve myself in order to look like a skinny super model. Sorry, not sorry.

 Finding a normal fit for my type of curves has been a mission impossible dare I say in ALL the shops I’ve shopped in for years. And trust me when I say this, all the jeans western countries are produced to fit 2 body types, skinny and overweight. There is really nothing in between.

My shopping days look like this, trying on at least 5 pair of jeans in every store I visit always in different shapes, models and sizes, finding the exact problem. The measurements. The jeans are always too small or too big around the waist or thighs. And I’ve realised this:

The measurements are made for women

a) that don’t have thighs,

b) that don’t have calfs,

c) that dont have hips,

d) that dont have booty.

They are made for women that have a pretty straight figure or that are top heavy. Still nothing in between. And honestly, most of women are in the in betweens. Still no jeans to fit them. Why?

After doing some research during the years, and discussing with my fellow gals this is what we came up with. Our fashion norms sadly haven’t changed all that much through the years. The fashion industry is still trying to portray that skinny is the right way to look in order to achieve happiness. Even though there are some women in the USA that try to lift up the big booty (with it mostly being plastic surgery) it’s still to an extreme that doesn’t benefit the regular woman or her curves. It most certantly does the opposite. It gives women more complexes and companies are very aware of this. And we pay them by following these insane trends that actually look down on us and how we look.

 For me, after searching for the straight trendy fit I managed somehow to find these Monki jeans. Even though Im not super satisfied with them, this fit actually worked for my curves. If you also have this problem I encourage you to look in shops you usually look away from just because you are brainwashed into looking only in the shops that you are used to. Also ask yourself if any of the regular shops you go to have provided you with jeans that actually work for your body type?

Be sure to follow me here this summer in my quest on finding the right fit for my curves without having to go up a size. You can find more info on my instagram account soon.

And most importantly I urge you ladies to adress this problem more so we all become more aware of how we are brainwashed by the fashion industry into hating our own bodies for them being simply natural.



Denim Jeans Monki

Top Mango

Bag River Island

Shoes Zara

Sunnies Tom Ford


Shot by Maya Nestorov

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  • Your jeans (and the curves) are the cutest! Love the shirt too! X

  • Christina Miller

    Babe, these jeans looks great on you. I have the same struggle and it’s so annoying – I 100% agree with everything you say. I might help you raise awareness by planning a similar post! Lots of love for you and your curves. XxX

  • jocelyne_nkiambi

    You are SO right ! I’ve struggled all my life to find jeans that can fit my curves. I will definitely plan a similar post.

  • Sarah Madarang

    I love how this classic denims are back and this is definitely perfect for girls with curves! I love the whole look you have put together! Very simple yet classy!


  • kelly jin

    Going to go check out Monki RIGHT now. Your jeans are so swish on you!

  • I wish my booty looked this good in jeans! But it’s ok as now (thanks to your tips) I can find the perfect denim for me! 🙂 Laura x

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