Isnt it funny how our socities define masculinity and femininty? From the moment we are born into this world we are taught to behave according to rules that are applied to our sex. This can also be seen in how parents dress their children. Mothers putting pretty dressed on their little princesses. Distincting and separating us from one Another just because someone said so 1837377 years ago.

Ive often questioned these made up rules, in my oppinion these are mainly created to put us all in certain boxes. A box that ive never seen myself fitting into.

What intrigues me is where our socities draw the actual line between maculinity och femininity? And how is this displayed in the fashion industry? Do we always find it easy to follow these rules? And what would it actually mean to cross it?

 Since the early 90 s influences of popculture with artists like Madonna, the line has become a little more easier to cross for women in general. The regular male on the other  hand is immedietely marked as feminine, metrosexual which somehow adds up to being gay in a negative tone if he would by any chance be caught wearing a red scarf.

For me crossing these lines is something I live by. I think a life in a box only creates anxiety and resentment towards the own persona. For me that has never been something that has been inviting, thankfully cuz of good influences allowing me to be the person I aim to be. In my own skin and outside of peoples made up boxes that only create limitations and fears. I never want to be that person that is defined by one thing only. Why cant we have and be both?


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