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Do you have those days when you find yourself just staring at your closet with a feeling of that you don’t have nothing to wear to that long awaited dinner party with your girls or significant one?

Do you find yourself trying on various outfits for hours without finding the look that will be “good enough” for the night? That outfit that will hide or pump up your shape in a way where you will feel good?

Suddenly you run out of time and have to leave the house and end up picking the outfit you really didn’t want anyways. And just like that half of your evening is ruined.

And sometimes over time this behavior becomes a pattern in your life, leaving a marc in your self esteem.

Well, dont worry. This doesnt have go on anymore.

With just a few steps this problem will be long gone but it will require some work from you.

 Next time you are in this situation the questions you need to ask yourself  are “what are my thoughts saying?” and do they have a negative undertone?

Just try observing them. When I say observe, I dont mean believing that your thoughts are true. The fact is that thoughts are only thoughts that we have put values on through norms we are taught.

These thoughts are often negative ones about our appearances that trigger negative feelings and make us behave in certain ways. Our societies have been telling us for decades how our bodies should look in order for us to be happy about ourselves. With this comes the need to find ways to hide or cover the unflattering parts of our bodies. Allow yourself to become aware of this.

Secondly start questioning how these thoughts and feelings effect your behavior. Im talking about the behavior where you try on 10 outfits before you decide what will “feel” good enough. But by the time you reach there you are so stressed that you barely care about what you are wearing. You just want to have that “feeling” of peace.

Instead of having to reach to stressful this point try to do the opposite, pick one outfit and stick to it.  Allow yourself to feel the negative thoughts instead of avoiding them. Trust me, they dont last forever. And eventuelly the stress goes away and you will become to see things clearly. Do this over and over until you see results.

Pick the outfit that you feel is YOU. That outift that doesn’t require enormous effort, simply choose the one that you will feel comfortable in. Honestly, who cares what other people think. Most important is that you will feel like you are good as you are. And when you get away from the stress of having to improve your appearance then you will be more creative with your own style and actually have fun with it.


Denim High ancle jeans Bershka

Dress Shirt H&M

Coat Åhlens

Bag Gucci

Boots Marzio

Photo Cred: Inclassicfashion

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