I would be lying if I said that I haven’t been occupied the last year by

thoughts about leaving my 20 s to enter a new stage of life.

Thoughts about what I had achieved and what my goals were for next decade that Im

slowly about to set my foot in.

What I realised was that the thoughts that kept recurring in my mind were about the meaning of life.

What it is that makes us human and what we are supposed to do in this we call a life.

And like a strong force I always came back to the same questions about what it is that usually

calls for our attention?


Ask yourself what it is that has been dragging your attention

to some things over and over again.

Trust me you will see a pattern there.


The older us humans get, the more closer we get reach our

personal realisition of what our purpose and meaning is. I suggest that

we all should stop repressing it and welcome it even if it sometimes will sting a bit.


Since I was a child I was often percieved as being very precocious.

Sometimes to the point where it was too much for my own good.

And with time I learned to adapt to this, and found ways to use it as a

benefit which has given me plenty of success.

But with that anxiety came as well. 

For as long as I can remember reflection about the mind of people from

inside and out has always been something more than just a hobby of mine.

What often got my interest was what drove people in life and

mainly what their meaning was.

What their struggles and ambitions were.

And how they were dealing with it.


Something about people being real has always very inspiring to me.

The people that spoke the truth, that had the strenght

to fight for what they believe in even if they would have to stand alone.

The people that turned reflection into action.

The people that welcomed struggles and adapted.


The minds of these is something exceptional.

What happens is when us humans are to strip away the

layers of negative, destructive patterns taught by the societies

is when a we would truly be able to be free from it all.

When reaching to this point is when all the possibilities

come to open themselves for us. When we really allow ourselves to live.


Today I welcome a new decade instead of worrying about the number that’s been added to my age. Instead I allow my focus to be about growth and enjoying life to it’s fullest with an open mind. I hope I encourage you to do the same with yours…

Photos shot in Sarajevo.

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