I know I’ve been MIA lately… Truth be told, I’ve been super uninspired to write anything.

Ever since I started this platform my intention has been all about giving inspiration to others to pursue doing what they love mostly in life. And my focus has been about inspiring others to live a life with no fear of the biological and social (taught) threats. For as long as I can remember this has been something I’ve always enjoyed and been very good at, guiding people through various situations in life. And I’m pretty sure that this is the reason I today work with human minds on a daily basis whether it’s through my platform or my 9-5 job. Don’t be fooled by the glam, we all have to work for a living! =)

 The reason for this has always been quite simple for me. I wanted to give people the tools and guidance to break free from the boxes they had been put in by themselves or others. The boxes I’m talking about are the mental slavery sort of places where we lost our ability to think for ourselves and instead we rely on our groups to do it for us. And for the ones of you that have been following my journey you know that this is a topic I often come back to. Why?

Honestly, the reason for this has always been the same for me. If I don’t do it, who will? In my experience there is an extremely low amount of people in the world that actually talk openly about this. Especially in the fashion and beauty industry. We rarely get to see or hear about real and true life stories. It’s all very fake with an intentions of selling products. We follow trends blindly and buy the products companies tell will make us happy. They perhaps do for a day or two and then it’s another product we just must have our hands on, forcing us to work, work, work.

Welcome to modern slavery.

Back the reason of being M.I.A lately is that I’ve felt extremely frustrated, worn out and uninspired to write about anything which slowly has been affecting my creativity negatively. Somehow I felt I got to a point where I no longer was where I wanted to be. The thing I’ve been preaching so much about on my platform I couldn’t see me doing.

But I try not to be too hard on myself.

We all fall into various traps on our journey

that we need to get up from.

It’s just part of life.

When I started out my career with helping people I could never imagine that I would get to point where I am today. At the “right job.” Monday to Friday, “helping” others in crisis. At least that’s that’s what it says on paper.

In reality however, I’ve come to realize that I have for a long time been doing quite the opposite. What I considered helping others was far away from the poisonous reality I’m faced with every day.

For years I’ve try to encourage people to stand up to their oppressors until I realized that I had slowly became one of them. Why?

Cause it payed the bills right?

But as soon as I noticed I was slowly starting to lose my personal beliefs and values then I knew it was time for the big change I had been fearing for a long, long time.

What finally gave me peace was when I found a way to break free from it all and create something from scratch  that gave me strength.

All I can say is if you find yourself repeatedly blaming others for your misfortunes then you are the one to be blamed for continuously allowing it to happen to you. You have the power to change things even if they seem very small at the time. And sometimes they will be scary but neccesary.

I’ve realized that in order for me to continue my dreams I too need to find new ways to get up in order to continue on my path.

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