A few styling tips Ive come to appreciate throughout the years is adding menswear pieces to get that boy meets girl look. As I have always been a sort of a tomboy, personally, this type of look suits me very well and makes me feel just like home. Allthough I have come to appreciate some feminine pieces I still like to revisit the boy in me from time to time. Its just something about the straight lines and shapes in mens pieces that have a way of creating a casual look with attitude. And best part of it is that its effortless and quick! And having a boyfriend comes very in handy cause all of a sudden you have two closets to choose from when styling your outfit!

One thing Ive lately been crazy about is my boyfriends shirts, watches and jeans! These pieces I tend to take on a regular basis! In this post I even added his coat for a more masculine look. Since I had some meetings for work I thought that it was very proper and professional.

Wearing / Coat Karl Lagerfeld / Shirt H&M / Knitted Sweater Åhlens / Mens Jeans Lager 157 /Shoes Ecco / Bag Tiger of Sweden / Watch Citizen



Photo: Inclassicfashion

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