In todays post i want to share 4 tips for the gals living in the Northern colder countries.

A few things Ive learned throughout my years in Sweden is to invest in some basic attires to help you stay warm yet chic during the colder days.

1: THE BLACK JEANS.  And if you can have a couple of them, the high and the low waists are always a good idea! The great part about black denim is that they practically work with anything and can be worn whenever!

2: THE BODYSUITS, I cannot tell you how many bodysuits I own! This might be one of my ultimate favourite things to wear. Mainly cause they give a perfect shape around the waist and are the perfect combo with pants. It works with jeans or suit pants.

3:THE OVER KNEE / THIGH HIGH BOOTS. All i have to say is if you dont have em go get em! They are so trendy and high fashion right now and must haves in winter times cause trust me, they will keep you really warm!

4: THE WOLLEN COAT. Usually Id say pick a black one because it would be easy to combine it with anything but I think when you are living in colder countries it can be a bore to walk around 6-9 months with the same black coat. The risk is that after a few weeks it would start to feel like a work uniform. And we all need some variety! So my advise is to invest in 4-5 coats that are short & long. Also in different colors. And make sure they have good quality and include wool. The more wool the warmer it will be. I can highly recomend Zaras chooice of coats when it comes to shape. If you want a luxurios high quality coat, Fillipa K and MAX MARA are always good choices.  If you are on a budget and want a higher quality be sure to look for vintage shops in your city and dont stop until you ve found what you re looking for! Make sure to go for a higher size than your usual so you have the possibility to fit a knitted sweater during the minus degrees.

// WEARING // Coat by Ellos (sold out) / Black Jeans by Gina Tricot / Bodysuit by H&M / Overknee boots by H&M/ Bag by Michael Kors








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