Its that time of the year when shops get ready to  start their sales, prices go down and we the shopaholics go nuts just by the thought of finding that perfect piece on half price! As an experienced shopaholic, I have gathered a couple of tips that Ive learned about shopping at sales during the years that might help you in your shopping!


1. One of the first things Ive noticed is that its always good to prepare financially in good time which means save up and think about what your closet is missing.

 2. Secondly, write a list of the things that you think you will need, want or look good in. Always a good idea to stick to some basic favorites but dont be afraid of trying new things! For instance, red pants just might be the best piece you can add to your collection.

 3. Be informed and timing is key. Find out when the sales of you favorite shops start and be there when it opens! Prepare with a friend, eat proper breakfast and go during working days if possible. This is the time and place where you will most definitely find what you are looking for.

 4. This is something you need to look out for! Dont buy everything you see! Especially if you find something very cheap. Shops have a way of putting up clothes from 2 seasons ago, making it very priceworthy! Dont be too quick! If you dont have to question your decision of buying it twice then its for grabs. But if you find yourself buying a piece just because of its low price then I would advise you to leave it where you found it. Honestly, you know that this will be a piece hanging in your closet for years and years and never will be worn!

 5.  Shop in 2 rounds. First round is all about finding the sales in time and going there as soon as it starts.  This is a great way of finding the perfect pieces that you might have beeen eying for a while but wouldnt or couldnt buy because of various reasons.

Shopping round nr 2 is waiting patiently for the last days of sale when the shops reduce prices, making it 75% off.  This is usually done in Sweden just over a month after the sales original start. Dont fully rely on this sale but if you are in luck you just might find what you are looking for all this time! I cant tell you how many shoes Ive got this way!

So those are my 5 tips to Think about when shopping at mid season sales! Good luck and hope you find the pieces that might just make your collection a little bigger and more beautiful!




Skirt MANGO (on sale)

Blouse H&M (similar)

Sunnies TOM FORD

Shoes H&M (sale!)








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