Ive often been curious to understand what it is that makes some people have the need to push others down in order to feel better about themselves?

I ve seen it so many times before that it got to a point where its no longer surprising.  You know the type… The strongly oppinioniated and angry figure with no sense of self love with an enormous crave of beeing in the center of everyones attention. Im talking about the type that  cant stand it when someone else is successful so he/she works hard on making others look worse than themselves.

Ive seen these “traits” numerous of times in bloggers that reach a pretty descent number of followers. I dont know what it is, if its the fame or money that gets to peoples heads but usually Id say that money just shows more of what you already are.

Funny part is that these type of people often get misstaken for being genuine, smart and one of a kind. They have had me fooled a couple of times! And honestly I cant help but feeling some sort of sadness towards them. Living like that seems like a lot of work and a lot far from peaceful. Because isnt that what we all want? Above happines? To be at ease and live in peace…?

And what is it with these individuals that makes them so attractive? Because they dont seem to be afraid of speaking their minds specially in social media?  Donald Trump speaks his mind but can we honestly say that thats a sign of intelligence or genuineness? These type of people can get too dangerous if they get some type of power in socities. Which they do, over and over again. And its striking how often regular and descent people swallow everything they hear or read. And never even consider about questioning the persons intent.

So how can we decrease their influence in the world? How can we open our eyes and see what people are instead of what we want them to be?

I see it like this:

Give a better alternative. Be the better alternative if you are a person that has some type of influence in this world. Isnt it better to be spreading something positive and encouraging to others, something honest and real?

I have to admit that it took me a couple of years to open myself to the possibility of flashing my photos and mind over social media. Since Ive mostly enjoyed beeing a private person this was a wall I needed to break. Mainly because of 3 reasons.

1: Sharing and talking about my love for fashion  was bigger than anything else. It makes me happy to be able to create something that I could be proud of.

2. I wanted to have a platform where I could reach others and share my knowledge and experiences, to hopefully give others a push in the right direction.

3. Proving to myself that I could do it.

And this is something we all should be doing more of. Pushing ourselves and others towards success while staying humble!  So why not try it yourself? You never know how many people you can reach. If we all were little nicer to one another maybe…. just maybe this some day could be a better world.










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  • You are so right! A lot of people could need a piece of the humble pie, but all you can do is you! Do you boo and hopefully thats enough. Love your blog! <3