Photography: Emma Grann

Wearing // Leather pants ZARA / Shirt H&M / Coat H&M / Shoes H&M /Bag Scorett / Watch DKNY


Recently I was asked the question of what it was that defined my personal style and I found myself giving a 15 minutes answer which afterwards got me thinking of what we think of or own sense of style and how we imagine it to be percieved by others. I found that the answer to this is hard if you are a person that likes variety.

Since a very young age I ve considered myself to have a boyish and edgy rock n roll look which has come to be a more minimal clean look in my adult life. Alltough I still find myself wanting to go for the edginess with all things leather but Ive tried to combine that with neutral classic tones and shapes.

Looking back at my teenage life my style was often inspired by the rock n roll culture with a touch of 90 s sporty trends. Leather jackets, tshirts, converses, pilot shades and ripped jeans was something you could fins me wearing almost every day.

When I went into early adulthood my look started taking a more neutral shape while still keeping some of that rock n roll in me. Heels, big bags and layers became a big part of my day and I even started wearing more dresses, of course in black. Allthough dresses is not a every day thing for a gal like me, I really dont mind wearing them once and a while.

Throughout the years I ve often find myself having a difficult time to fully follow trends. It often gave me a strange feeling. We all follow trends but do we all really need to look the same? And frankly who has the time to follow it all?

I would say take the time and dare to try out new things and mix them with what you already have. And dont be afraid of trying new things because isnt that what fashion is really about, the limitless possibilities of doing whatever you like in order to create that you way feeling.  

 For me at least it adds a light to my days while I let my creativity run wild.









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  • Im in love with these photographs! Just in awe of how professional and well designed your blog is, very inspirational! <3 <3 <3